When should I take my senior pictures?

Photo of a blonde high school senior girl posing outside with the sunset and trees behind her, wearing a white and blue floral dress by St. Paul Photographer.


Let's do senior pictures right!

Get ready for something you’ll cherish forever! Booking your senior pictures is an exciting milestone. So, you want to do it right! Making sure you have enough time to capture those special memories of your high school years is essential, so let’s start planning! From selecting a date and location, finding outfits, and choosing poses, this experience will be fun. So get ready to say cheese—it’s time for senior pictures.

When deciding when to book your senior portraits, there are a lot of considerations. Scheduling too early can leave you without enough time to prepare and make the most out of the session. While waiting too long can mean missing the chance to get your pictures with everyone else’s. We’re going to go through some factors that you should think of when planning your senior pictures.

Photo of a Caucasian blonde girl posing outside in the middle of a tree covered street, wearing a white and blue floral dress by Twin Cities senior picture photographer.

Yearbook Deadlines for Senior Pictures

Remembering the yearbook deadlines when booking a senior picture session for high school is important. You want to take advantage of the opportunity to have your picture in the yearbook and be remembered as part of your school’s class! Generally, booking your senior portraits at least a month before the deadline is best to get them finished.

While searching for a photographer, try to find one with experience with senior portraits, it guarantees timeliness. Ask them if they offer any rush services if needed, or check that they know the submission deadlines. It’s also beneficial to know what other types of products they offer and how long it would take to receive them.

Remember that you may need to provide a copy of your photo to the school for it to be included in the yearbook. For this, you will need to get a print or a digital version of your picture from your photographer. Taking these steps now will ensure that everything is taken care of on time, and you’ll have your senior picture proudly displayed!

Extracurricular Activity Uniforms & Gear

While organizing your senior pictures, remember to ensure you have access to all your sports uniforms. Having the ability to include them in your photos can show off your school pride! Whether it’s a letterman jacket, football jersey, or anything else, having these items will help you capture the moment of graduating high school.

The best way to get access to these uniforms is by contacting the coaches responsible for each sport. Ensure you give them enough notice, as you may need to arrange for the uniform to be cleaned and ready for your photos. Also, don’t forget to ask if other items, such as a baseball bat or basketball hoop, could be used in the photo session.

Senior picture of a Caucasian girl with long wavy blonde hair, wearing a set two piece outfit, smiling and posing against a white wall.

Braces or no braces?

For students with braces, and are getting them removed before your senior year, you should consider whether you’d prefer taking the photos with or without them.

If you plan on having your braces removed right before picture day, ensure all brackets and wires have been removed so that they do not appear in the photos. Allow time for your teeth to adjust properly post-removal. This can take several days, depending on how long you’ve had them. It will help ensure that any discoloration or soreness from the brackets will have subsided.

On the other hand, if you take your senior pictures with braces on, give yourself a few days before the picture day. This is when you can adjust the wires and brackets so that they are in their best state. This way, your smile will appear neat and straight in the photos.

Consider all factors, such as the time for removals and adjusting braces before picture day.

picture of blonde, Caucasian girl with wavy hair, wearing a brown T-Shirt and posing against reflecting wall by Block Portrait Studios.

Haircuts & Color

Some future graduates want to feature a new hairstyle for their senior pictures. If that sounds like you, try it out a few months before your session to ensure you love it. Schedule a touch-up if needed two weeks before your session if any unexpected touch-ups are needed.

If you want to avoid trying something new, you should book your haircut about a week before your session! By taking the time to plan, you’ll be more likely to showcase your best self in those senior pictures!

Photo of a Caucasian blonde girl posing outside with the sunset, trees and green light posts behind her, wearing a white and blue floral dress by St. Paul senior portrait Photographer.

A party isn't a party without some guests!

We all know everyone’s favorite part of graduating: the party! To ensure you get to use your photos on the invite, make sure you schedule your senior pictures far enough in advance. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to design the invitations before they need to be sent out. Also, remember that taking photos, creating custom designs, and printing them may take a few weeks or more. So, to avoid delay, plan accordingly and schedule your graduation photo session at least 2-3 months before your invitation deadline.

Seasonal Preferences

The time of year can make a big difference in the atmosphere and feel of your photos. If you want a bright and sunny look for your photos, then spring or summer would be the best choice. The lush greens of springtime will provide a beautiful backdrop for your photos. Summer is always a good option for an outdoor shoot in natural light. Fall and winter are excellent seasons if you prefer a more moody vibe. The changing colors of autumn trees can give an ethereal quality to your shots. Additionally, snow-covered landscapes provide perfect winter wonderland vibes. There’s no wrong season – ultimately, it all depends on what look you want to achieve with your senior photos. Plan ahead of any season so you can get the best results!

portrait of Caucasian girl with blonde, wavy hair, wearing white jeans and a t-shirt, sitting cross-legged on a sidewalk in front of a brick wall, smiling away from the camera, taken by St. Paul photography studio Block Portrait Studios.

Senior Pictures don't happen overnight.

Overall, there are many aspects to consider when considering the investment in a senior photo session. So, when is the best time to have senior pictures taken? Block Portrait Studios recommends booking with your photographer three months before party invitations need to be created at the latest! However, if you start planning earlier, you will have much more flexibility and options to create the best senior picture experience! Class of 2024, are you ready?

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