Helping Children After a Divorce with Portraits

Image of a sitting area in a home, with beige walls and decor, with black and white portraits of an African American family in a gallery wall design.


African American teenage sisters, sitting against each other in a white room wearing white t-shirts and denim jeans in an article about helping children after divorce.

Updated family portraits can help children after divorce by providing a sense of unity.

Divorce can be a challenging experience, especially for children in the family. Even though it may feel like your family is splitting apart, children often find ways to remain connected and keep their family unity alive after divorce. One way of helping children after divorce is getting together for family portraits. It can provide children with memories that will last a lifetime and remind them that even though their family may be going through changes, they still remain connected in a unique way. Family portraits are a great reminder of children’s bond with their parents and siblings and can keep them feeling loved and supported during difficult times. Even if children after divorce feel like their world has been turned upside down, family portraits are one way to bring back the feeling of unity and help them remember what is truly importan

African American teenage sisters, with the younger in a piggy back ride, both smiling and wearing white t-shirts and denim jeans in an article about helping children after divorce.

Family portraits can be a way to show resilience and affection.

With family portraits taken after a divorce, family members can express gratitude for the family unit, even if it is no longer intact. It’s an opportunity to show strength and resilience despite the changes in family dynamics. Portraits can also provide closure and serve as a reminder that family ties will always remain, even when family members are no longer living under the same roof. No matter what your family looks like, with helping children after divorce, they need to know that they are loved and valued. Family portraits can be a great way to show children that are dealing with emotions after divorce, that they are a part of something special. 

African American mother standing with her two African American teenage daughters, in a white room, all wearing white t-shirts, and denim jeans helping her children after divorce.

Family portraits can provide healing and hopefulness.

By coming together for a portrait, children can feel a sense of unity within the family, giving them hope and strength during difficult times. So if you’re looking for ways surrounding helping your children after divorce by staying connected, consider creating lasting memories with a family portrait that will remind children of the unity and love within your family. Family portraits taken after a divorce can also be a source of healing. It’s an opportunity to show that family members are still connected and will continue supporting each other, no matter what. They may not all live in the same home, but family love is forever.

African American mother hugging her two African American teenage daughters, smiling, wearing white t-shirts and standing in a white room.

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