When should you update family portraits?

Image of a leaving room area with a fire place, wooden floor, and couches, with a black and white family portrait displayed on their wall.


Document family changes with family portraits

Having your children leave home for college is a big transition in a household. This is a pivotal time, and your senior will no longer be in your home seven days a week. Or, they might meet a significant other, and your family will grow. These transitions can be helped by visualizing your family unit, regardless of them being home. Whether there’s been a marriage in the family or a child who graduated college, family portraits are a great way to capture them. In addition, it will allow you to preserve more memories of this particular time in your family’s life.

From capturing the family dynamic at a family reunion to commemorating when the kids head off to college, family portraits are beautiful. So, the next time family members join your family in a significant life event, get family portraits to make memories!

Black and white family portrait of a Caucasian family of two parents and their four children, lounging and smiling in a white room.

Document your family story with family portraits.

Familial transitions are an essential part of any family’s story! They remind us of what our family was like at a certain point in time and what it is now. Weddings and moving out are two of the most exciting life events, but they can also be a source of anxiety. For many families, these changes mean significant adjustments. With one less person in the house or having a new family member to welcome, it’s normal to feel nervous.

As difficult as it may feel, having family portraits taken before your children leave for college is the perfect way to lock in those memories. You’ll never regret taking that family portrait together! So remember to embrace your family milestones! These important and life-changing events don’t happen often. However, documenting the changes in your family with family portraits can be an enjoyable heirloom.

Black and white family portrait of three brothers and their sister laying on top of them playfully on a couch.
Black and white photo of 4 children from a Caucasian family, lounged in a white room.
Black and white photo of four siblings with arms around each other smiling at the camera.

Preserve those family memories.

By taking advantage of this opportunity to commemorate family memories and document these changes, you are giving your family something invaluable – a sense of unity. Don’t forget that change is inevitable – so embrace it! Family portraits are not just pictures—they are memories and stories. So the next time you experience a significant life event as a family, take some time to capture it with family portraits! Your family will be thankful for the memories.

Black and white photo of a teenage boy smiling in a white room.

Change is scary - let's make it beautiful!

Family unity tends to increase afterward regardless of the family dynamic before significant events. For example, after a wedding or graduation, family members often come together to celebrate those accomplishments. Whether it’s an aunt who travels in or a cousin who took off work, family members always make it work. This is a beautiful thing, which often makes these events unique. Moments like these remind us of the importance of family unity and it matters. We should document these emotions with family portraits! A bonus is that you can continually update your family portraits every year when everyone gets together.

Black and white photo of a teenage boy smiling in a white room with long hair.
Black and white image of a blonde girl smiling in a white room.
Black and white image of a high school senior boy with glasses standing in a white room.

Families grow together.

No matter what life throws our way, family will always be there to support us. These events often add new family members and dynamics, and documenting those changes with a new family portrait will make you grateful. Happy families have some similarities no matter what changes occur, so don’t forget to keep the warmth of your relationships in mind. After these significant events that may seem overwhelming, the family often steps up to create even stronger bonds of togetherness and growth. The emotion captured in family photos also carries a special meaning that only families understand and share. Don’t let these moments slip away – commemorate them with family portraits and keep family close, even when life takes you far away.

Black and white family portrait of a Caucasian family with two parents and their four children.

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