What questions do you ask a family photographer?

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Family photographers all do things a little differently. So, we’ve compiled a few questions as your family photographer to help select a photographer that best fits your needs for your family. Some families have more time and want to do much of the planning themselves. While other families, time is hard to come by, and they want to have the convenience of having the support of a professional from the beginning to the end of the process. At Block Portrait Studios we are experts in the photography industry and pride ourselves in helping busy families design their home with portraits they love of their family!

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What is your process for booking family pictures with Block Portrait Studios?

  1. Discovery Call: 15-minute phone call to discuss your project and portrait needs
  2. Portrait Planning and Concept Meeting: We collaborate to plan your portrait concept and how your portraits will livein your home, and of course what you will be wearing.
  3. Portrait Session: We have a blast creating portraits together.
  4. Design + Order Appointment: Generally immediately follow the portrait session, this is decision-making time for your final design.
  5. Art Install or Pick-up: The best part of the process is receiving your final artwork. Wall installations are provided for large feature pieces and gallery designs.
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Family photographer questions.

How far in advance do I need to book my family portraits?

It’s never too early to book your portrait session. Many of our clients will book months in advance to get the time/date that works best for their families and of course this depends on the availability of your family photographer. We recommend booking at least four-six weeks in advance to give plenty of time for wardrobe items and beauty appointments to be made. Our end of summer and fall dates will book out much further in advance. We will schedule your Portrait Planning and Concept Meeting at least a week before your session. If you are on a tighter timeline, reach out to find our current booking availability. 

How do we decide where to display our portraits? 

Deciding where to showcase your family portraits is one of the first things we discuss in our Discovery Call. It will depend on the best use of the pictures. Every family is different and depends on what stage your family may be in where the best location for the portraits to live. For example, families with young kids might want playful wall art for the playroom. Families with high school seniors graduating might wish to have a picture in the main living area where their senior will be more present in mind after they have left the house. When you leave the Portrait Planning and Concept Meeting, you will have a clear idea of the location of where we are designing your portraits to live and where they may transition after your next stage family portraits.

What is your turnaround time after the session?

Generally, your Design + Order Appointment will be immediately following your portrait session. Once we have ordered the art, it takes about 6-8 weeks for the final wall art, albums, and portrait boxes to arrive from Italy! Framing is done locally by a master framer. 

Do you design wall galleries for other parts of my home?

Portrait gallery design consultations start at $150, and you will receive a custom quote at that time for the design and installation. 

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Do you have any weeknights or weekends available?

Depending on availability, portrait sessions are scheduled Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM, or 6:00 PM. The occasional Saturday morning session fee is $395. 

Do you retouch all the portraits?

All ordered portraits will be completely magazine retouched while still maintaining the integrity of the best version of you! Retouching includes blemishes, acne wrinkles, under eyes, nips, and tucks. Scars, moles, and tattoos remain untouched unless requested.

What should I wear, and how many outfits can I wear?

We work together to select your outfits during the Portrait Planning and Concept Meeting. Family portraits we limit to one outfit, as we only have so much focus available from kids! Individual portraits, we do two to three outfit changes depending on the art we have planned.

How long is the session? How much time do I need to plan?

2-3 hours for the Portrait Session and Design + Order Appointment. Hair and make-up will add an hour and a half.

Do you offer payment plans?

We are happy to provide payment plans for up to four months. Custom artwork is ordered upon complete payment. 

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