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usb. flash driver, Block Portrait Studios, digital photo storage, photo backup


usb. flash driver, Block Portrait Studios, digital photo storage, photo backup, family photos, photo album

Block Portrait Studios prioritizes tangible, physical prints and art of portraits to appreciate every day. All portraits purchased in artwork or album receive digital files on a USB flash drive. Why? Here are just three of the most common reasons:

1. Easy Sharing

For those who need digital files of their portraits for social media, websites, and other online needs, a USB flash drive with digital files makes it easy to upload without using your device’s direct storage space. 

2. Viewing

If you want to share the images with family or friends who aren’t able to view online (looking at Grandma here) to let them choose any prints or portrait art options to add to your order, a USB flash drive is a great way to easily access the digital files and show them off.

3. Back-Up

Portrait sessions are backed up in multiple places, but some prefer to have their own personal back-up on a USB flash drive just in case something happened to their computer or phone.

usb. flash driver, Block Portrait Studios, digital photo storage, photo backup, photo album
usb. flash driver, Block Portrait Studios, digital photo storage, photo backup

Whatever the reason may be, whenever a client wants a USB flash drive with their portrait package, we always want to provide an experience that is exciting whenever delivering any product. This is why we highly value presentation and knew we had to provide clients a USB flash drive that we would be proud of and functional. 

A few years ago, we discovered USB Memory Direct and they have been taking care of our USB needs ever since! They created a custom USB flash drive for Block Portrait Studios that looks great and performs at a quick pace – which is so important when containing high-resolution digital files. We also have to give USB Memory Direct some much-deserved love on the blog by saying they are so reliable and their customer service is great at communicating with us and our flash drive needs and orders! 

There are so many options to offer with portrait experiences, and we are so fortunate to have an easy way to provide our clients with a USB flash drive for their portraits that they will love! 

If any fellow business owners out there are reading this and you need custom flash drives, check out USB Memory Direct – they are absolutely wonderful!

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