Top 5 FAQs About Your Senior Portrait Session


When is an Effective Time to Schedule My Senior Portrait Session?

I recommend scheduling your senior portrait session during junior or early senior year to allow time for planning and receiving the portraits before graduation. The earlier you schedule the better your senior portrait session will be everything you dreamed them to be.

How do I Style Myself for My Senior Portrait Session?

Your senior portraits are for you. Because of this, I suggest choosing outfits that reflect your style. Keep in mind that these portraits are a chance to showcase who you are during this momentous time in your life. During your Portrait Planning and Concept meeting, you’ll work with me to choose the color scheme and the styles of outfits you’ll want to use.

Can I Include Props in My Senior Portraits?

Absolutely! This is a time to be authentically you. Any props you want will only add more of a personal touch. When you go over the overall aesthetic with me, we will discuss props, if any, you want to include. And how we will be using them.

How Long Will the Session Take?

Senior Portrait Sessions at Block Portrait Studios are typically 1 to 2 hours, including your Design and Order appointment.  

Where are Ideal Locations for Senior Portraits?

I tell clients to choose locations that resonate with you, places that highlight who you are and what you want to say with your portraits. We’ll talk about different places that are important to you, whether outdoor, urban, or school surroundings. 

At Block Portrait Studios, the goal is to highlight your awesome self and the many facets of your identity. Remember, your senior portrait session celebrates your achievements and you—enjoy the process, be yourself, and create lasting memories!

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