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After finding out about a terminal cancer diagnosis in the family, the Kielkopf’s wanted to get some extended family portraits. Jim and Jackie Kielkopt are both artists and have raised three sons. One of the sons lives in the neighborhood so, Jackie swung by before Thanksgiving in hopes we could schedule a session over the holiday weekend when all the extended family would be gathered. Their son’s families all came together for this session. Jim’s brother has been a big part of the family so, he was an honorary member of the portraits. From the planning and concept meeting, we designed the session around a portrait box with each combination of the families. After a couple of conversations with Jackie to learn about her family, we planned the color tones to be a dark tone color pallet and their poses to be scholarly, prestigious, and stoic. Thank you Kielkopf family for the honors of creating portraits to encapsulate all your generations in one portrait!

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