Client Feature: A Harmonious Family Unit


Client Feature: Meet the Denzer's

This week’s client feature highlights the dynamic family of the Denzer’s. A family that exhibits strong bonds and the ability to turn any moment into a lasting one.

Kristen is an outgoing and outdoorsy mom. She spends much of her time hiking, doing a bunch of incline prep. This past October, she hiked up 18,000 feet. She knows no bounds and loves challenging herself.

Then comes Sam, an 11-year-old who knows exactly what she wants. Not only is she a confident and determined leader, but has a secret sweetness adds depth to her personality. Sam is a boss who leans on her family for comfort and support

 Next in the lineup is Chase. Don’t let his shyness color your impression. When this 13-year-old warms up to you, he’ll show you his true nature: a silly, goofy kid who loves to joke around. For calming and regulating, Chase will sit in front of his mom and receive soothing back scratches.

Completing the bunch is Paul, a confident but not overly talkative dad. Despite his reserved nature, Paul is quick to encourage and support his family. A favorite pastime for Sam and Chase is jumping on their dad, tickling him silly.

Kristen, Sam, Chase, and Paul create a harmonious family unit where silliness, love, and unique bonds prevail, turning ordinary moments into cherished memories.

In the tapestry of their lives, the Denzer’s embrace diversity, finding strength in their shared experiences. Silly family moments, from playfully jumping on each other to laughter-filled interactions, add an element of joy and warmth to their daily routine. Through ups and downs, Kristen and her family demonstrate the resilience that comes from embracing individual quirks and celebrating each member’s unique qualities. Their story is one of love, laughter, and the extraordinary beauty found in the simplicity of shared moments that create lasting memories.

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