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Business Branding Photos are always a good idea.

In a world where that all-important first impression often happens online, the value of business branding portraits has skyrocketed. These aren’t just your typical photos – they’re powerful tools for telling your story. They also help in building a real connection with your audience, and shaping the identity of your business. So, let’s explore how the art of photography meets the strategic side of the company for business branding!

Business headshot of an Asian woman with curled brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a white top, white pants, a grey cardigan sweater and gold dangly necklace, sitting on the floor while smiling at the camera, by Block Portrait Studios in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Business Branding Client Feature – Thao Moore

Meet the driving force behind culinary excellence Saint Paul, MN – Thao Moore, co-owner of Green Mangos Catering with her husband, Tom. As entrepreneurs with passion for flavors and a keen eye for detail, Thao and Tom have embarked on a journey to bring a  fusion of catering cuisines to the Twin Cities. They have now been in the business for 16 years! Because of this, Thao understands the pivotal role visuals play in conveying her brand’s essence. So, Thao partnered with us to craft a collection of professional headshots and dynamic branding images to promote her wine classes.

These images aren’t just snapshots; they reflect Thao’s personality and the vibrant spirit of Green Mangos Catering’s new wine classes. Join us as we uncover the story behind how our collaboration captured the essence of her culinary endeavors.

Business headshot of an Asian woman with curled brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a white top and gold dangly necklace, smiling and focused in on the camera, taken by Block Portrait Studios in Saint Paul, MN.

Crafting a Captivating Branding Strategy

Thao’s journey with branding began with a clear vision – to elevate the visual representation of her evolving culinary career and business, Green Mangos Catering. While seeking to highlight her new wine classes and catering offerings, Thao recognized the significance of updated branding images that would connect with her audience. During our initial meeting, we delved into the details that define her brand: sophistication, approachability, and dedication to culinary excellence.

Collaboratively, we curated a selection of props to enhance the narrative – a wine glass and a meticulously chosen bottle of wine, each symbolizing the heart of her wine classes. This thoughtful approach ensured that the resulting branding portraits achieved more than just aesthetic appeal. The outcome? A cohesive and relevant visual journey that brings to life the essence of Green Mangos Catering’s unique offerings – wine classes.

Business Portraits can be a great way to document milestones.

Initially, Thao had planned on using the photos to promote her wine classes on their website and social media, but those plans transformed once she received her portrait gallery. She presented the images to Green Mango’s Instagram and captioned the post with a reflection on how far their business and family have come since they started. For Thao, the branding session allowed her to look back on her business journey and instilled a profound sense of pride in her remarkable progress. Thao wrote in her caption, “I look at the first photo in this post, and that’s how I feel. We did it. We made it.”

Business portrait of an Asian woman with curled brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a white top, grey sweater and gold dangly necklace, laughing candidly while holding a wine glass and wine bottle against a grey background taken by Block Portrait Studios.

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