5 Tips For Extended Family Photos

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1. Know where you will display the extended family photos in your home.

When taking extended family photos, it’s essential to consider where to display them in your home before taking them. Knowing where the photos will be placed in your home can help ensure that the colors and styles of the surrounding room complement the images.

For instance, if you plan to hang a photo on the wall, consider what color walls are in that area. The same goes for furniture and other surfaces; if there is a particular piece of furniture or table on which you would like to place a portrait, make sure its style coordinates with the family portrait.  Considering all these factors before taking family portraits, you can ensure that your final product looks great and stands out in your home. Check out This Blog Post to learn more about how to display family photographs!

Tips for taking extended family photos

2. Select outfits and colors in advance.

When it comes to extended family portraits, it’s important to choose the outfits and colors for everyone in advance. Doing so will help ensure that your photos are cohesive and harmonious. Not only that but having a plan before you go into the session will save you time when you’re actually taking the pictures. You won’t have to worry about choosing clothes while you’re there because they’ll already be selected in advance.

Plus, if everyone agrees on what they’ll wear ahead of time, it can make for an enjoyable experience where everyone is excited about the shoot rather than trying to figure out what everyone should wear hours or minutes before you arrive. We always request you send us photos of your outfit options so we can help in the decision-making. Check out This Blog Post to learn more about what to wear to family photos!

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3. Best times for scheduling extended family photos

It is important to consider the needs of young children when scheduling an extended family photo shoot. Without proper planning, it could lead to unhappy and tired children. Naps are essential for young children, and they often need a designated time every day for rest. When scheduling, try to plan it in the morning so that your little ones aren’t cranky or overly tired from not having enough sleep. It will make for much more enjoyable photos since everyone will be well-rested and happy! Scheduling the shoot in the morning ensures that these unique challenges won’t stand in the way of capturing beautiful photos of your extended family. Check out This Blog Post to learn more about surviving family photoshoots with young children!

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4. Choose a location for your extended family photo session.

Choosing the correct environment for your extended family portrait session is an important part of the experience. It provides the perfect backdrop for beautiful photos that you will be proud to display in your home. A great way to ensure that everyone feels welcome is by selecting a location with plenty of room to move around and space to set up lighting if needed. This will allow you to capture genuine expressions and create treasured memories that will last long after the portrait session has ended.

Additionally, when multiple generations are present, it’s important to find a location with plenty of seating options so everyone can be comfortable while posing for pictures. Above all else, ensure you select an environment with a background that will compliment the room you will be displaying the portrait. 

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5. Schedule enough time.

Ensuring you have allocated enough time for your extended family portrait will ensure a successful, stress-free photo session. We recommend at least three hours of time in the studio if you are planning to do a same-day Design + Order Appointment. If your Design + Order Appointment is on a different day you will want to reserve one and a half hours. Setting up the photo shoot and ensuring everyone is positioned in the right place can take considerable time, especially when photographing a large group which is why we always schedule a Portrait Planning and Concept Meeting at least two weeks in advance to begin sketching the posing for your family portrait.

Additionally, taking time to ensure all of your family members feel comfortable before the camera shutter snaps can be invaluable. The more at ease, they feel in front of the lens, the more natural their expressions will appear in your photos. In addition,

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