Senior Picture Poses for Girls

AGAPE high school senior photos photographed by Block Portrait Studios


Girls, it’s time to nail your senior portrait pose – check out these tips!


It’s that time of year again! High school seniors are getting ready to graduate, and they need to take their senior pictures. Graduation is a big milestone, and it’s important to get the perfect senior picture pose. Girls have so many options when it comes to senior pictures. You can go traditional or more modern. You can show your personality or keep it simple.

Here are 10 senior picture poses for girls to help you get started: 

The Crouching Pose:

Squat down and have one leg in front of the other.
A location like Irvine Park or Cherokee Regional Park can add a personal flair.

High School Senior girl crouching next to dog
High school senior girl crouching down in front of Irving Park fountain

The Playful Pose:

Play with your hair and smile at the camera.

High school senior girl playing with hair

The Movement Pose:

Get moving, look over your shoulder, flip your hair, or do a twirl. A place like the Dodge Nature Center can give it a natural look.

Humboldt high school senior posing for senior portraits photographed by Block Portrait Studios
Senior portrait of Open world learning high school student photographed by Block Portrait Studios

The Over-the-Shoulder Pose:

Lightly set your hand on your head and look over your shoulder.

LEAP High School senior portraits photographed by Block Portrait Studios

The Candid Pose:

Look away from the camera; down can be more thoughtful, and looking up can give a dreamy feeling.

Harding high School senior photo photographed by Block Portrait Studios
High School senior portraits of Highlenad high school student photographed by Block Portrait Studios

The Artistic Pose:

Get creative and pose with a balloon in front of this mural at Pedro Park.

The Leaning Pose:

Lean on a prop or a wall with a mural, like this one at Block Portrait Studios.

The Musical Pose:

If you’re a big fan of music, hold a guitar, violin, or any other type of musical instrument.

Girl smiling and holding a violin
Girl playing the cello

The Sporty Pose:

Do you love sports? Use your sports gear or equipment as a prop.

Girl with skis

The Sitting Pose:

Sit down on a chair or on the ground.

HSHS senior photos photographed by Block Portrait Studios
Girl smiling and sitting with arms gently crossed on knees

In conclusion, there are many different poses that you can do for your senior pictures. If you are looking for something different or just want to have some fun, consider trying one of the poses from this article and check out these 10 Unique Senior Picture Ideas. Be sure to have a good time and relax in your photos – after all, they will be a lasting reminder of your senior year!

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