Block Portrait Studios is located in St. Paul, Minnesota and specializes in creating portrait art custom-designed for your home.  We want to bring joy to your home every day by the visual reminder of your beautiful family! Our talented team is passionate about discovering what means the most to you about your family. We design a session experience to create the perfect memory you’ll want to showcase. Your portrait will hang in your home to serve as a daily reminder of the relationships you and your family hold most dear.

Imagine the daily feeling of wholehearted joy as you walk past a portrait celebrating a memorable time with your family. Through your experience with us, you’ll walk away with more than portrait art. You’ll walk away with a newfound appreciation for the little moments that mean the most and a beautiful reminder of the love you share together. 

Your family is changing rapidly, from diapers to school routines to sports to college. The days are long and the years fly by. Embrace the unique relationships between mother and son, father and daughter, brother and sister and more. The most meaningful little moments in life are often not documented; the wrestling matches with dad, the Saturday morning family songs, the way your little one looks at you when you make a silly face. Your experience with us has nothing to do with taking a picture, but everything to do with telling the story, the one you remember every time you see your portrait in your home. 

Please reach out to set up a discovery call. We’ll take the time to interview you and your family and uncover the moments that mean the most. We’ll guide you every step of the way and guarantee you will leave with a warm heart and treasured art to appreciate through life.

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