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mom, dad, mother, father, parents, parenting, baby, portrait, photography, pose

This is sweet DJ, his family is one we’ve come to know well over the years. His father gets yearly business portraits and we’ve done newborn portraits for his sister Emma eleven years ago! DJ was born six weeks early, he was as itty bitty as they come. The little warrior had to overcome so many battles that followed after being born prematurely. Little DJ didn’t put up much of a fuss during this session, he was so sleepy he slept through all action! Usually, when doing newborn portraits you want to photograph the newborns in the ten to fourteen days after they’re born. During that time newborns curl up and sleep like DJ! Thank you Root family and tiny DJ for this adorable opportunity! 

carpet, basket, blanket, wood, flooring, baby boy, hat, onesie
newborn, baby boy, swaddle, carpet, pose, sleeping, baby, portrait, photography
swaddle, carpet, pose, blanket, portrait, photography, baby boy
newborn, swaddle, carpet, pose, blanket, portrait, photography, baby boy, hat
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