Family Portraits | The Cameron Family

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Family, Cameron, Mom, Dad, Daughters, Toddler, Baby, White, Caucasian, Brunette, Blond, Hug, Carry, Casual

The Cameron family came to us to commemorate the new baby with some family portraits! The growing family now has two daughters Ada who is three years old and Eliza who is 4 months old. They used to live right in the neighborhood! It has been so fun meeting all the amazing families that build the little Westside community. 

Emily and Lucas didn’t want cookie-cutter portraits, they wanted a one-of-a-kind unique, artistic feel.  During our design and concept meeting, we decided on a clean white modern background to keep the portrait about the family connections. Because Ada is at such an expressive stage we highlighted her joyful expressions custom wall portrait just to honor her! We wanted to capture Ada’s personality and include some of her favorite bunny stuffies!  We plan to make another similar wall art for Eliza when she turns three and has all kinds of fun, playful expressions. 

Thank you Cameron family for the honors of documenting your family at this beautiful stage!

Toys,Stuffed Animals, Joy, Smile, Toddler, Girl, Best Friends, Cute, Pink, Happiness, Portrait, Photography, Blond, Caucasian
Smile, Family, Cameron, Mom, Dad, Toddler, Baby, Kids, Pose, Portrait, Photography, Memories
Family, Cameron, Dog, Pet, Mom, Dad, Toddler, Baby, Causal, Laying, Love, Happy, Smile, Portrait, Brunette, Blond, Daughters
Sisters, Family, Daughters, Toddler, Baby, Cute, Smile, Pose, Portrait, Photography, Blond, Caucasian
Baby, Cute, Blond, Smile, Dress, Pink , Pose, Portrait, Photography, Happy, Joy, Caucasian

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